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At the conference "Introducing Business Law and the new US policies affecting to Exports of Vietnam ", was held on 18/3/2015, Tran Duy Dong, Department of the America Market Policy (MOIT), said annual turnover of US's imports is around 2,100 billion.


Currently the country is ranked first in terms of imports, outstripping countries stand in second place is Germany with imports over 1,200 billion / year. This is considered as a very potential market that many companies want to penetrate.


However, when you want to penetrate this potential market, the establishment of a subsidiary in this is considered necessary, because under US law, the parent company in Vietnam totally unrelated to blame repayment to the subsidiary if unprofitable. At the same time, the establishment of subsidiaries will also help the unit can control your goods, to avoid risks when going through US distributors of brands such as loss, trouble getting bar Accounting ...


The establishment of joint stock companies and limited liability companies in the United States is very simple. The cost of not large (from several hundred to over a thousand dollars) and the company did not have requirements on capital. For joint stock company established time just one day, but for a limited liability company is only 1-2 months to complete the establishment procedures.


"Community Vietnam 1.3 million people are living and working in this country will be an important channel to help medium businesses can find out the needs of the partners, has promoted the show. This is not only costly but also helps businesses limit the risks when going through distributors in the US, "Mr. Tran Duy Dong comment.

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