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Establishing a Representative Office in Vietnam ( RO ) 

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Foreign companies with business relations or investment projects in Vietnam may apply to open representative offices in Vietnam.A representative office is not an independent legal entity and may not conduct direct commercial or revenue generating activities ( like; the execution of contracts, receipt of funds, sale or purchase of goods, or provision of services).


However, a representative office is permitted to:

  • Act as a liaison office to observe the business environment;
  • Search for trade and/or investment opportunities and partners;
  • Supervise and assist the implementation of contracts entered into by its head office with Vietnamese partners;
  • Act on behalf of its head office to supervise and direct the implementation of projects in Vietnam.​


Thus representative offices can provide a wide range of ancillary support to their head offices overseas. This is a very common form of presence in Vietnam for foreign companies, particularly at the first initial stages.


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