(*)  issued by the foreign or Vietnamese  authorized  health organizations or  agencies  and  takes effect within 12 months from the signing date of conclusion of health status to the date of application.


(**) issued by the foreign employee’s  country or any country that the foreign employee has studied and has worked before. 01 copy legalized by Vietnam Consulate/Embassy in their country or their country Consulate/ Embassy in Vietnam if allowed legalization in Vietnam.


(***) issued by the foreign competent authority. If the foreign employee is a lawful resident in Vietnam, only the criminal record issued by  the Vietnamese competent authority is required. Criminal record must be issued within 06 months prior to the submission of the application.



Timeline to complete:

03 weeks to process all documentation and have finalised for collection.

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Applying for a Work Permit in Vietnam ( WP ) 

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All foreigners working in Vietnam and organizations in Vietnam which employ foreign employees for more than three (3) months are required by law to obtain a work permit. This is in accordance with their Vietnamese labor contract or assignment letter, except for the following: those working for less than three months, owner of a one member limited liability company or a member of a limited liability company with two or more members, on the Board of Management, entering Vietnam to offer services, entering Vietnam to work/resolve an emergency technical or technologically complex situations and foreign lawyers.


The employer is required to apply for a work permit; however, the employee is to provide all the necessary personal paperwork required for the work permit application dossier, then all these documents will be submitted to the local Labour Department in Vietnam.


Once issued, the work permit remains the property of the employer and must be returned to the local Labor Department when an employee ceases employment with the employer.


Work permit can be extended for a maximum duration of two years for each extension. The application to file for extension must be ready to submit at least thirty days prior to expiry date.


Documents required:

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